The “English Club” home
CITY : Cote St-Luc, Montreal

In the heart of Montreal’s turbulent lifestyle, this home offers the large spaces needed to become a haven of peace and balance for a family on the go. A project where elements come together to form a customized whole, suited to the client’s image. Classic and contemporary, offering storage areas of maximum functionality to free them of any extra load.

  • Complete interior design plans: building plan, interior design, cabinetmaking, lighting, and even custom fabrication. This includes all spaces, such as the kitchen, bathrooms, storage spaces, closets, built-in furnishings, bedrooms, living rooms, office, and laundry room.
  • Follow-up of purchases and deliveries during construction, including all documents for making curtains and decorative elements.
  • Purchase and installation of all accessories for a perfectly coordinated look.